Lady Bits episode 32: 21 Hump Street

Lady Bits Logo BlackJacqui and LeMar discuss court clerk Kim Davis’s infamy, a shift in the discourse surrounding abortion, a Johnny Depp/Brad Pitt romance, and more.

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  1. Good morning! I listened to this episode yesterday and as a Delawarean, of course I perked up when you two began talking about Joe Biden even though you didn’t seem very enthusiastic about him running (for the record – I would love it if Joe Biden were President!), and so I wanted to encourage you guys to think about how Joe Biden has advocated for women. Combating domestic violence has been a focus of Joe Biden throughout his political career, The Violence Against Women Act would not be without him. I am not saying this because I want to convince you guys to get behind Joe, and please don’t think I’m saying that domestic violence is no longer an enormous issue. I’m just pointing this out because your podcast is the perfect platform to give the man some credit for what he has done to end domestic violence.

    Otherwise, I was at a National Sexual Assault Conference last week and I heard two speeches I thought you might like! Enjoy!

    Jackson Katz at the 2015 National Sexual Assault Conference

    Kamilla Willingham at the 2015 National Sexual Assault Conference

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