MMP#161 – 3-Man Weave episode 41: Super Bowl Media…Weak

Marz_SM_Icon copyLeMar and DeSalv discuss Marshawn Lynch’s media week, the value of the NCAA, and adjustments to NBA All-Star Weekend. Then, Kodi arrives just in time to review WWE Royal Rumble.

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1 Comment

  1. Agreed…..Marshawn Lynch is here to play football. He should not have to answer pre-school questions for people who would rather judge him than admit that he will demolish and eliminate the Patriots on Sunday.

    BTW: the Super Bowl is not a Black vs. White thing. It is a Talented vs. Over Inflated thing. In the end, Black, strike that, the Talented will win.

    Can’t say anything about WWE……I try to support Off-Broadway shows, but don’t get around to Off-Off-Off-Off Broadway “sports”. Too much drama from a bunch of men in tights.

    Funny podcast though.

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