Man Changes Gyms, Causes Stir on Twitter for Some Reason

BROOKLYN, NY— “This is CL Mac, and I’ll see YOU at Blink Fitness in 2015,” he said as Blink manager Harriet T held his phone so he could record the video announcement. Independent exercise enthusiast CL Mac appeared at the Gates Avenue location of Blink Fitness to confirm to his followers that he would be joining the club when his contract with New York Sports Club ends this month. Industry insiders have been calling Mac’s decision “the latest coup that should matter to no one.”

Still, Mac’s announcement stoked the Twitter fire he had already set by announcing last week that he would not renew with NYSC. “NYSC is okay; they have a lot of locations all over the city,” he said on the Drew Peacock Podcast. “But when I can literally walk or jog to a closer place and pay less than a third of the price, it’s just the best move for me right now.”

Mac’s candor about his decision has drawn ire from some of the NYSC members he is leaving behind:

@FitFinley78: Gud luk makin any real muscle gainz for 15 bucks a month u moron

@GymmyDean: @clmac u lef nysc 1ce b4, u’ll b back again

@CMLunk: Who the hell do ya think you’re? You send a bad message to kids that it’s ok to quite.

@Gainzvillain: F___ CL Mac! Thought he was hot s___ comin from Equinox. How the mighty continue to fall.

@KetlmastaX: It’s not that he left, but HOW he did it. I don’t even care but F___ CL MAC!

Despite the resounding lack of support on Twitter, Mac insists that many NYSC members have shown understanding and that his move might help everyone in the long run. “Most guys in the locker room have been cool about it, actually. They know how gross it gets in the showers and how little sense it makes to have carpeting in a locker room. And I don’t blame the guys who feel like they have to stay; those corporate discounts can be pretty sweet. But maybe my leaving will help them to look out for themselves and be brave enough to not risk foot fungus or walking in on casual encounters in the saunas. Just maybe.”

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