MMP#136 – Brothers From Another Planet episode 10: More like…Wack-ish…

Tarik and LeMar share their thoughts on the first 2 episodes of the new ABC sitcom Blackish. Then they talk about Ben Affleck’s strong opposition to Bill Maher’s perception of Islam.

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  1. Top notch, gents.

    But seriously. It’s ok to think Bill Maher and Sam Harris _ARE_ bad people. It’s not even about their Islam comments, which were classically ignorant, or the rampant tribalism and epistemic closure that infects certain strains of liberalism just as badly as it does Fox News.

    It’s about the fact that they belong to the cadre of “intellectuals” who can’t see beyond their own worldview and the convenient (and self-aggrandizing) shortcuts they use to frame issues. I see little difference, stylistically, between them and Bill O’Reilleys of the world, and I’m not with that.

    PS as a study in constrasts, you might want to listen to the AVClub TV review of Blackish by Sonia Saraiya on Radio Times. Needless to say, 3 media personalities selected from and for NPRs demographic set have a bit of a different take!

    1. Thanks for the message! I read Pilot Viruet’s AV Club review, and it was funnier than both episodes of Blackish combined. Alas, it hasn’t been long since I got accused of hating, so I might refrain from writing my own review until we get deeper into the season.

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