Marz Media Podcast – Rap-etology Preview Special [Part 2]

Marz_SM_IconThe Rap-etology Preview Special continues as LeMar and DeSalv make their picks for Los Angeles, Oakland, Houston, Memphis, and New Orleans.


  1. I have a question>>>>> are you going to separate NY the way you separated Cali? Because I think NY should be divided into 4 regions.(Upstate, 5b’sN.Y.C,Westchester,Long Island). I also think you can lump Oklahoma,Arkansas,Mississippi and Alabama. I would also lump the Dakota’s,Nebraska,Kansas,Missouri,Iowa,Minnesota and Wisconsin. We can also lump Ohio,Indiana and Kentucky. Lump Washington,Montana,Idaho,Wyoming and Oregon. Lump Nevada,Arizona Utah,New Mex and Colorado. We need all states represented.(even if they don’t stand a chance)

    1. When you have the time and energy to pull something like this off, have at it. For right now, New York City is one area just like the Bay and LA are. Grouping more obscure regions together isn’t the point of the exercise; most of those areas you mentioned deserve no shine until they make some more noise.

      1. But you can’t separate Cali w/o separating NY, at least do NYC and then NY ……

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