Marz Media Podcast – Episode 6: Devin Williams

Happy Holidays, Humanoids!

By now, the Christmas music is pumping through every store you visit, and the stress of shopping has begun to build. When it gets overwhelming, remember that the holidays are about much more than a great sale on something that you probably won’t use past February.

In this episode, I talked to Devin Williams, a man with a criminal past, which he has successfully put it behind him. He shares what his road to redemption has been like with firsthand insight on how getting caught up at a young age can be a path of no return as well as a wake-up call about how to live the right way.

His wife Danielle was also gracious enough to share her perspective on what it’s been like for her to build a life with someone who once represented all the things she fought to avoid as she matured.

Thank you to Devin and Danielle. I hope you all enjoy the conversation as much as I did.


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