Kanye West Documentary About Racism Headed to Cannes

“George Bush did not care about black people, and neither did John Hughes.”

Music superstar and Chicago native Kanye West had an epiphany: the ’80s movies he grew up enjoying contained racial undertones that have been ignored by mainstream critics. So West accepted the self-assigned mission of visiting the suburbs north of Chicago, where director John Hughes made his films, and interviewing the people of color who were in those films.

Follow Kanye as he searches for Sixteen Candles’ Long Duck Dong, the black parking garage attendant from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and the surviving regulars at that blues bar in Weird Science, in what critics are already calling the breakout documentary of the year:

Niggers in Shermer

SPOILER ALERT: 20 minutes into the documentary, Kanye learns and reluctantly accepts that the town of Shermer, Illinois is a fictional, as are the people he’d hoped to interview. The rest of the movie features Kanye walking around Northbrook and Winnetka performing for anyone who’ll watch.

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