Marz Media Podcast – Episode 4: Ainsley Waller

Happy Halloween, Humanoids!

Whether you’re on the path to recovery from Hurricane Sandy, or out of its reach and just hoping to have a good time, here’s to having a safe All Hallow’s Eve!

In this episode of the Marz Media Podcast, I talked to renaissance woman Ainsley Waller. She’s a stylist, drummer, writer, actress, queen of recipes, and the list goes on. With such diverse interests, on top of practicing Paganism, it’s clear that Ainsley knows what it’s like to feel different in a world where people have such narrow expectations of others, especially women. And that’s what we talked about. Use the download link below to hear all about it, as well as what happened when Ainsley to put the ‘drag’ in Dragon*Con. Enjoy.

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