Marz Media Podcast – Episode 1: Chris Lammer

This post is quite momentous…

The debut of the Marz Media Podcast!

And since I’m personally a work in progress in the audio format, I’m especially proud to say that the first episode is a conversation with Chris Lammer of the New Jersey-based indie rock band HelloRadioChris and I talked about the band, his beginnings as a musician, and what it takes to make it as an indie band in a veritable sea of indie bands.

If you don’t have the time to add yet another podcast to your list, or you already have a backlog, I did want to make sure everyone knows that HelloRadio will be playing at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ on Saturday, October 13 with Radical Dads and Birthwater at 9:30. Check out for more information.

Special thanks to James Hyman for the show’s theme music and to Mike Sapp for technical support.

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