“Fast Five” Wants You To Honk If You Love Freedom

Opening Friday, April 29

Fast Five

Other countries don’t think much of America these days. We’re a fat lazy bully of a country devoid of culture and prestige, and built by powerful white men exploiting less powerful white men, women and minorities.

But one film has decided to heed President Obama’s advice of looking forward instead of dwelling on the transgressions of the past. Fast Five is taking all of the exploitation of the white power structure and showing due gratitude at the lowest common denominator of American entertainment.

Fast Five depicts a microcosm of America as it features a white leading man (of severely limited talent) surrounded by more talented women and minorities to carry the film. Each sequel has added components to its original product, allowing leading man Paul Walker to be a pretty face while the series stays fresh with cast members who have to work twice as hard to get half as far.

All social commentary aside, the ensemble cast that director Justin Lin has cobbled together from past sequels shapes up to properly welcome audiences to summer blockbuster season. And all of the food groups are represented: explosions, sexy women, car chases…and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

If you have no interest in mindless fun like this, then the terrorists have definitely won.

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