E! May Have Gone Too Far With New Reality Show

Disclaimer: The following is a goofy pitch idea of my own conception. Therefore, I will consider any piece of work that resembles this pitch idea an inconsiderate rip-off. That is unless, of course, someone pays me handsomely for it.

They are tired of being tabloid targets. They are sick of being talked about as if they don’t have their own voices. And they are ready to have their lives filmed so that you can see how they really live.

Follow Hollywood’s most famous adopted babies as they steal the spotlight from their parents and show the world that although being taken out of poverty is great, it’s hard being rich and famous just because you exist.

Join Zahara, Pax, David, Daisy and Louis as they navigate the wild life of reaping all the benefits of fame and wealth without having to share the genetic code of the mentally imbalanced…in

The Real Brat Pack of Hollywood

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