De Bergerac Gets New Face In Teen Comedy

Disclaimer: The following is a goofy pitch idea of my own conception. Therefore, I will consider any piece of work that resembles this pitch idea an inconsiderate rip-off. That is unless, of course, someone pays me handsomely for it.

For as long as she can remember, Shannon Webster has had a crush on Robert “Rox” Fortenberry. Entering her senior year, Shannon decides to confess to him how she feels.

When she loses her nerve, Shannon begs her smarter, extremely shy friend Cyrena to help her get Rox’s attention, using Cyrena’s words as her own.

As conversations become dates, Cyrena realizes that he also has a crush on Rox, whom she believes is a better guy than she’d ever thought. Will Cyrena set her feelings inside and let Shannon have what she wants, or will his interests get in the way of their friendship?

Find out, as Miranda Cosgrove, Alia Shawkat and Taylor Lautner star in…


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