“Child’s Play” Sequel to Resurrect Franchise

Disclaimer: The following is a goofy pitch idea of my own conception. Therefore, I will consider any piece of work that resembles this pitch idea an inconsiderate rip-off. That is unless, of course, someone pays me handsomely for it.

It’s 2014. The Mexican drug gang violence has finally reached the US border. Held back by congressional red tape, President Charles Thibodeaux turns to his secret religion—voodoo—to unleash an unexpected weapon to infiltrate Mexico: Chucky.

Thibodeaux clones hundreds of Good Guy dolls and ships them to Mexico with the promise of new souls to inhabit.

But when the Good Guy dolls begin to multiply, Chucky decides that he’s done taking orders from Thibodeaux and declares war on the United States.

Will Thibodeaux be able to protect the country from his own monsters? Or will Chucky and his army take over the world?

Find out as Fred Thompson, Jacob Vargas, Michelle Rodriguez and Brad Dourif star in the next chapter in the most popular doll horror series of all time…

March of the Chuckys

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