Betty White Will Be Your Date Tonight

Opening Friday, September 24

You Again

Over recent years, there has been a heated discourse about whether women are funny. It’s a debate that has continued in large part because men and women fall on both sides.

I’ll come clean and admit that I typically don’t regard female comedians highly. My stance is more based on my struggle to relate to much of it and less so on chauvinism.

Then I watched a promotional package for You Again, the new comedy starring Betty White, Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis. Comedy website Funny Or Die produced an amusing mock junket interview, which successfully distinguishes the movie from other ‘women be trippin” comedies like Bride Wars and 27 Dresses.

Screen veterans like White, Weaver and Curtis definitely lend credibility to a movie that I would have easily written off just because Kristen Bell is in it (I just don’t care to look at her). But you can see in the trailer that You Again sets out to make light of regret, revenge and redemption in a way with which even the manliest of men can identify.

After all, even the men who think women aren’t funny would humbly submit that Betty White is the exception. “Dude, she was in a Super Bowl commercial talking trash…that was awesome, bro.”

I don’t know how good the movie will be, but I wish it the best. I won’t pay $12.50 to see it, but I’m confident that it won’t damage my man chemicals if I do see it at some point.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone. Marz Daily Media will be back Monday at full strength.

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