Danny Glover Wins Next Top Magical Negro?

Opening Friday, September 10


WWE Superstar John Cena is back on the big screen. This time he plays opposite film veterans Patricia Clarkson and Danny Glover in a coming-of-age drama about a nerd who decides to go out for the high school wrestling team.

Cena plays a convict who comes home to find that his younger brother Cal (Devon Graye) wants to wrestle, just like he and his father did in their glory days.

Glover plays Cal’s confidante whom he visits at a fishing spot. There’s a very good chance that Glover’s character is a figment of Cal’s imagination, especially with Glover lending narrator duties to the trailer (and may do so throughout the film).

I may give this one a try…if I’m ever in a hospital with premium cable. I’m sure that there’s enough talent around John Cena (including Californication‘s Madeleine Martin) to help the audience forget that Cena is better suited for explodey action movies, thus focusing on the story instead of mocking the casting choice.

So if you were ever wondering what it would be like if Vision Quest had a cinema baby with The Legend of Bagger Vance, you might not need to look past Legendary.

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