Most Interesting Man Turns Out To Be Major Douche

More like...DOUCHE Equis. Zing.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA—DragonCon, the annual convention featuring science fiction, comic books and cosplay, had an unexpected visitor this year. The spokesman for Dos Equis beer, known as The Most Interesting Man in the World, made an appearance during the second day of the event, posing for pictures and signing autographs.

Apparently the random appearance gave guests a more authentic look at the man normally admired for his impressive life and smooth demeanor. Several accounts suggest that The Most Interesting Man in the World might also be the most douchy man in the world.

“We asked him to take a picture and he said, ‘Sure,’ so we’re all excited,” said Ryan Tuttle, who represented a group of as Stormtroopers. “But then he just grabbed the camera and took a picture of himself and walked off, tossing the camera back at us.”

The Most Interesting Man in the World wasn't as impressed.

Another report confirmed The Most Interesting Man’s true colors via Twitter:

@Legolas4Lyf: “Most Intrsting Man n world said he wuz here ironicly. Then he signed autograph using MY signature! WTF?!”

It would not be surprising if the Dos Equis guy gave other DragonCon attendees their own douche stories, but one visitor had a more diplomatic opinion of the appearance. Cole Rigby, dressed as M. Bison, said, “You don’t go through life doing all of those amazing things without getting an ego. Just because it sells beer doesn’t mean we have to be okay with it, but still, I might be a douche, too, if I’d wrestled an alligator because one of my girlfriend asked for some new shoes…damn he’s smooth.”

It’s highly unlikely that The Most Interesting Man in the World will attend DragonCon 2011. But one guy who entertained the thought said he was “willing to bet money that if he did show up, he’d wear a costume…of himself. So typical.”

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