Delta Air Lines Hopes To Cash In On JetBlue Incident

Atlanta, GA—Delta Air Lines’ loss of $1.23 billion during the last fiscal year has thrown the company for a loop. But Delta has launched a new promotional event, hoping to improve Delta’s image as well as its net growth.

Delta and YouTube have joined forces for the “Show Us Your Quits” Video Contest, in which entrants will post footage of themselves quitting their jobs. YouTube users will then vote on the best video. The winning uploader will win a Golden Ticket, good for unlimited free airfare with Delta for an entire year.

Slater: Buh-bye...@$$holes!

Delta competitor JetBlue Airways has expressed their displeasure with the contest, stating that the widely publicized quitting episode involving former JetBlue employee Steven Slater was what spurred the idea. “If [Slater] hadn’t turned a bad day at work into a scene from ‘Revenge of the Goonies,’” JetBlue Chairman Joel Peterson said, “Delta never would have thought to make further spectacle of people quitting their jobs, which just glorifies unwise decision making, especially in today’s economic climate.”

Delta President Edward Bastian responded to Peterson’s remark by tweeting that “JetBlue [was] just mad they didn’t come up with the idea. H8erade must be the complimentary drink on their flights. Oh! Take it in the face!”

Attached to Joel Peterson's tweet (and quite a clever burn)

Peterson responded with a tweet of his own in a matter of minutes: “Men lie. Women lie. Revenue reports don’t. Tell me how my @$$ taste, son!”

At this rate, this new airline beef may overtake the viral popularity of the “Show Us Your Quits” contest, especially since it is unlikely that any video will come close to someone sliding down the rescue slide of a plane with two beers in tow. Either way, the flight industry just got a bit more interesting. And we owe it all to the internet.

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