“The Big Chill” For The Emotionally Detached?

Opening Friday, July 16 (in New York)

The Contenders

From what I can tell, “The Contenders” appears to be a dark indie comedy about friends reacting to a death that happens in their company. Perhaps it wouldn’t interesting enough if the friends were all devastated by the occurrence. Instead, they spin out the remaining relationships in all their awkward and uncomfortable glory. Pardon my presumption of what’s to come in this feature; the trailer is the only source material from which I’ve formed an opinion. This one would probably be a rainy-day rental for me and my aunt back in 1994, when we would rent a bunch of movies that we’d never even heard of.

After watching the trailer twice, I’m thinking she and I might have talked about how bad this movie was while watching the others we’d rented, immediately making the other movies better for their proximitous (not in dictionary) role in our diss-fest. I could be wrong. Check out the trailer and see what you think.

1 Comment

  1. Lee
    I am in total agreement with you. Certainly would have been one of our rainy day pics. It looks awful.. yet I’m tempted to rent it, so that I can totally trash it!

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