New Karate Kid: “Macchio can eat a d___! Ol’ ass n____!”

Opening Friday, June 11

“The Karate Kid”

As much as I like to use Fridays to promote movies that people may not otherwise see, the remake of one of my favorite movies growing up deserved some attention. I’ve had reservations about whether watching this movie would be worth the time. And I’ve finally shifted to the side of giving it a shot.

Is it because the protagonist is black this time around, and that’s a nice change with which I can identify? Er…nah, not really.

Is it because moving the story to China lends it more authenticity as it relates to martial arts? Cuey who gives a s___!

Is it because there will most likely be a scene in which Jackie Chan beats the snot out of a gang of 12-year-old boys?

Shì de!!!

In case you haven’t seen the trailer yet, below it goes. Enjoy your weekend!

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