Who’s ready for a George Clooney romcom?

Disclaimer: The following is a goofy pitch idea of my own conception. Therefore, I will consider any produced piece of work that resembles this pitch idea an inconsiderate rip-off. That is unless, of course, someone pays me handsomely for it.

The economy has created a new breed of recently laid-off men accustomed to six-figure salaries. And when they’ve lost their ability to interview, that’s when they call Henry Burris, master of disguise. He’s charismatic, witty…and painfully single.

That’s until Henry gets hired to interview with Carla Mitchell, Vice President of GreenCorp. Finding love at first sight, Henry decides to keep the job for himself, leaving his client, Gary, out in the cold.

Come along for the ride, as Henry tries to steal Carla’s heart, and Henry’s client plots revenge on him.

George Clooney, Michelle Pfeiffer and Billy Bob Thornton star in…


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