20th Century Fox Set to Sue B. A. Baracus?

Had Rampage known that, he may not have taken a break from fighting.

Former UFC champion Quentin ‘Rampage’ Jackson may be up against his toughest opponent yet. After his loss to Rashad Evans two Saturdays ago at UFC 114, Jackson could be sued for damages by 20th Century Fox. The distribution company for “The A-Team,” in which Jackson co-stars, contends that Jackson’s loss in the Octagon may negatively impact box office returns when the movie premieres on June 11.

Jackson’s lawyer has already responded to the possibility of this lawsuit. Warren ‘Desolation’ Powell, Esq. went on the offensive in a phone interview with MMAWeekly.com:

“20th Century Fox has obviously forgotten that Mr. Jackson gave up millions of dollars when he signed on for “The A-Team.” This fight with Evans was supposed to happen last year, and he would have won it had he not taken time off and, essentially, a pay cut to do this movie. We should be recovering losses from them.”

Powell went on to say that if 20th Century Fox really wanted to settle this dispute, that they’d “man the ____ up and get in the cage.” No one from 20th Century Fox has responded to Powell’s invitation.

Hopefully, for all involved, “The A-Team” will make exceed its projected box office totals this summer. That way, Jackson will be able to focus on his rematch with Evans, and (albeit tempting) there won’t be any lawyers fighting each other in a cage.

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