Worlds Collide on the Sundance Channel

Coming this fall…

Sundance Channel presents Season Five of

The Line-up

An original king of comedy chat's with music's favorite "funny" man
An original king of comedy chats with music's favorite "funny" man

Bill Cosby and Elton John

Join us as these two legends discuss the creative process, the realities of aging and what it’s like knowing that their work transcends generations. Plus, look on in bewilderment as Cosby and John grapple for attention as they spout their equally unintelligible talking points.

A rock and roll hero meets baseball's "Iron Man"

Little Richard and Cal Ripken, Jr.

Watch Little Richard try to convince Ripken that sooner or later, someone is going to steal his baseball achievements and make money on them without his knowledge. Cal Ripken, Jr. doesn’t have the heart to tell him that it doesn’t really work that way in baseball.

A boxing great locks horns with a wrestling legend

George Foreman and Hulk Hogan

Foreman and Hogan spend the day talking about transitioning from the ring into the world of business, and tensions heighten when Hogan claims that he would have Foreman’s grill fortune if he’s answered his agent’s phone call that day.

Tinseltown's golden girl chills with a hip-hop icon

Betty White and LL Cool J

Betty and James drive around the Hollywood hills and discover that they were both integral to the aquatic monster movie craze of the late ‘90s.

The queen of media spares a moment for the first mogul of hip-hop

Oprah Winfrey and Russell Simmons

A fight breaks out when Oprah asks Russell why he doesn’t give money to Africa, and he responds by asking why Oprah doesn’t give more inner city Americans the opportunity to become financially responsible.

America's first favorite Puerto Rican triple threat has a heart-to-heart with...Jennifer Lopez

Rita Moreno and Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo lauds Rita for her longevity and for paving the way for Latinas in Hollywood, while Rita finds different passive-aggressive ways to tell J. Lo that she needs to get out of the business while she’s ahead.

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